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Hi, I've got a problem with exceptions in PHP5. When I throw exception, it doesn't propagate through the stack and fails with unhandled exception error, when tryin to catch it somewhere else in the code. Here's example of code, which doesn't work on my Uniform Server, but it works on standard webhosting.



function go($number) {
if ($number == 0) {
	throw new Exception('Zero');

try {
catch (Exception $e) {
echo $e->getMessage();



I've got the latest version of the Uniform Server - 3.5 Apollo.


Please can anyone help? Thanks.

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The following maybe of interest:


From apanel select eAccelerator (left menu)

Now navigate to Actions (main screen) you will see five buttons.

Starting from the top click each button in turn. (Disables Caching and Optimizer)


Run your page with the problem code.


Well! I ran your test code above and found it works fine, I have no idea what the cause is but suspect that eAccelerator caching could be the culprit! :D


All the best

Ric :)

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