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blank apanel


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Hi, thanks in advance for helping an idiot.


So, I have successfully installed Uniform Server and when I start the server I get the nice Uniform Server logo up and then get redirected to a blank apanel page.


Is it because during installation it setup udrive instead of wdrive? I am running Vista.


I am trying all kinds of variants including getting my site into www folder, but never can get beyond the blank apanel page


Please help!

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When you say a blank admin panel what do you mean?

Can you attach a screenshot?

What URL is displayed in the address bar?

Also, the drive letter should not matter as long as UniServer creates a drive.

Have a look under the u drive and make sure that everything is there, ie. cgi-bin, docs, etc, home, htpasswd, plugins, tmp, usr, & www.


To access your site, copy the site to www under udrive. Then in IE or FireFox type http://localhost/ or Http://localhost/site/ if you dreate a folder under www.

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To prevent the browser starting after the launching the servers:


Open Server_Start.bat and locate the line:

start %apanel%\redirect.html

and change it to this:

:: start %apanel%\redirect.html


The :: comments out the line preventing it running.


Note: If you need to run apanel type http://localhost/apanel/ into your browser.


As for skype!



All the best


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Many thanks, quitting Skype was the answer...



Had the same problem.

An easy solution was found :D - turn off Skype.

Do not know why but it grabs port 80.


PS anybody knows how to turn off the browser starting after the launching of the server?

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