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Ques: Why dont my cookies work?


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Hi All,

I am having some major problems using cookies. Whilst developing the site on localhost I had no problems.

I have configured my firewall to forward http traffic from a public IP to my machine and cookies just will not work.

I have created a simple test page which consist of this:


$value = 'something from somewhere';

setcookie("TestCookie", $value, time() + 3600);

// Print an individual cookie
echo $_COOKIE["TestCookie"] . "<br>";
echo $HTTP_COOKIE_VARS["TestCookie"] . "<br>";

// Another way to debug/test is to view all cookies
echo "<pre>"; print_r($_COOKIE); echo "</pre>";

But no cookie is created.

Can anybody tell me why? Is it related to my firewall?

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Nah its not that. It's doing this in Firefox as well.

I have been monitoring the HTTP headers sent to/from the server and I can see the request to create a cookie and the client is sending it back in the header.

I have just noticed however that there is something funny in $_SERVER.

When accessed through localhost it looks like this

 string(15) "test=test+value"

When accessed from the Internet i get this

 string(15) "test=test+value"


What is XOOKIE and why is the data sent there?

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