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Tried to access the Wiki and the reply ...


MediaWiki 1.11.0

Please set up the wiki first.


Followed the setup link and the reply ...


PHP 5.0.0 or higher is required. If PHP 5 is available only when PHP files have a .php5 extension, please navigate to index.php5 to continue installation. ABORTING.


Phpinfo reports the running version as 5.2.3 and therefore it should be OK.


Unfortunately, the comment in the error reqarding the .php5 extension is not understood. :P

What do I need to do to resolve this?






Future solutions have their roots in the past.



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As a user there is nothing you can do. I assume Olajide is working on it! :P


It takes time especially when recovering a previous database that has been maliciously changed. :P


All the best


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Yeah the new version of MediaWiki uses PHP 5 and i think our servers has both but i just have to request the support team help... waiting for something before doing that...


Dont worry, it will be up in no time :P

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