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Interesting but why! :P


Statistics are interesting, just depends on what they are being used for. There is a statistical correlation between sale of fridges and birth rate for Eskimos. Means I have a potentially new generation of fridge buyers hence no need to move the company. The population is exploding and the mountain of old fridges is increasing. Due to the green house effects these fridges must be reduced. A new company introduces contraceptives. They both produce stats that prove their sales pitch is working. If they are both right it implodes, contraception reduces population, sales of fridges go down, fridge company moves, fridges now difficult to buy, population now returns back on to the normal distribution. What is the normal distribution curve? :P


Sorry for the deviation I am interested in numbers; these may be of use for your stats! :lol:


Posts of 1-3 I assume are new users and I will go out of my way to resolve a problem if its within my capabilities.


Posts of 4-10 I assume are new users still trying to find their way around, again I will go out of my way to resolve a problem if its within my capabilities.


Posts of 11- xx I assume are really stuck, I will go out of my way to resolve their problem not because they are stuck, its just I hate the site of blood dripping down walls.


If I cannot tackle a problem, that’s easy, just leave it to Olajide a very knowledgeable and friendly chap, it’s his project and his enthusiasm and devotion is reflected on the forum. What stats would you place on that? :)


I hate stats unless used for a true analytical purpose. Then again I hate doc attachments. :)


The one thing I know this forum is open to new users, if they wish to use their dvd tray as a cup holder, we have no problem with that, may gently suggest that’s not a good idea, other than that we are more than happy to point out the on off switch. Hey that’s why I joint the forum in the first place. :P


As for why new members never post, perhaps they searched the forum and found the answers they were looking for. :)


All the best

Ric :)

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To add my 2 cents, most users come to the forum for support.. so thats why member average may be low... some dont post because they find what they need using the search button. :)


The banned members you see are bots that caused us trouble for a while before i came up with my first 10 alphabet backward scheme. :P It works too!!! :P lol


But yap, most users only come for support and since this is a product support forum, its obvious their avg would be low... After they fix the problem, the program itself is so easy to use and so easy to curve and build around they do what they want with it :P

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I strongly agree here with this forum being a support forum and the use of the search button.


A question for you is that if an application like US is working fine then the user doesn't need to request support. Why should they have to come here to request support when the product ITSELF is working 100% to plan? That in itself reflects the application to be in it's highest quality and popular. It is the product that sells to a customer not the support forum. We just help them if required.


Uniform Server speaks for itself.. is what I am trying to say.


My 2 cents.

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