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how many different browsers use agent strings

and how many different strings are there?


take a guess, then look:








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Your post is proving extremely interesting.


I am looking to move to an Open Source browser in the not too distant future, and the list has raised one that they *rave* about and I have never heard of. (See Below)


Lightweight version of Mozilla. Runs on Windows only. The windows download of this baby is still around 5MB. That's light. Keeps bookmarks and favorites (and Hotlists for you ex-Opera users) separate, fast to load and spawn new pages, tiny footprint, tabbed (layered) browsing, and now prints well. Our browser of choice on windows. No contest.

In view of the volume of browsers they have knowledge of, their comment is praise indeed, definitely deserves a look. I have added it to my list of potentials.






Future solutions have their roots in the past.



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