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SSL IP Alaising


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Read that and wasn't sure if it would work using FQDN's.

Example site one https://joe.com

site two https://john.com


I read an article http://www.ibm.com/developerworks/linux/li...a-multissl.html


Stating; "Host multiple SSL sites on a single network card with IP aliasing"

I have to do this on a live box, I would rather not have a lot of down time.


So here is the situation.

One switch, Multiple outside IP's, One router, one nic, one server and I have two shopping carts for separate clients on that same box needing SLL for each. Is there anyway it can be done?


I would be great full for any help. Thanks!

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To be honest I wrote UniServer mod_ssl to show why it would not run on a standard version of Apache running on windows hence you can not just enable mod_ssl on UniServer and expect it to run. In addition it was written purely for securing a personal server.


That said it looks as if you are running your server similar to a domestic set-up because of this, I think what you are asking is possible. In my write-up, from a users point of view I mentioned two annoyances the second I showed how to resolve however your real problem is to resolve the first.


The area to look at is Wildcard Server Certificates you can check out various CA’s some will supply them for 3-6months trial periods. I must confess I could not obtain one hence did not pursue this path otherwise I would have looked at this first issue in more detail.


You are in the right area, I think! :D

There is a large amount of work involved hence test and experiment. :D


All the best

Ric :)

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