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Uniserver / FileStorePro upload extension change


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I am trying to create a small place for my clients to upload their images so I can print them. Right now, I'm using The Uniform Server and File Store Pro on Windows XP. Both installed and working great.




USER: uniserver

PASS: uniserver


I would like to use Windows Explorer to print the images my clients upload, but the .jpg extensions are changed to .dat files. The only way to get to them as .jpg with the original file names is to download them through Internet Explorer.


Is the name.extension conversion being done by The Uniform Server or File Store Pro or maybe the lack of another plug in?


Is there a way to cut out the step of downloading the files?

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The program is the one saving it as .dat. I guess its to be on the safe side and not do the server any harm! You will have to contact the developers ot the FireSorePro on how to weak or change that.

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