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Running Windows Programs on Uniform Server

Al Stiles

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Is it possible for a client send a command to Uniform Server and have the server run a Windows program (I.E., MSWord) and return a response to the client that initiated the command?


I am fairly certain that I can write an authentication script in CGI to get the routine to run but would rather go the other way.



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Yes it is but you must be proficient in programming. You will probably have o use the same method we use to stop the server via Perl... to execute the command, but about sending a response, i have no idea.... but yap... the main start system can start any program if you know how to work around it...

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I agree with Olajide on this, you must be proficient in programming, however the only way to become proficient is to explore and have a play. You could use PHP but that is restrictive and for good reasons. If you want to access your system with some brute force use Perl it is extremely powerful. As a starting point search for tutorials on Perl’s functions exec() and system() also backticks. They each have their merits; you can run programs and to a certain extent receive the output from programs that are run. This output after some manipulation you can use as a response


I am no way proficient in programming, like to hack a bit of code, just make sure it’s secure when online.


Olajide stated “the main start system can start any program if you know how to work around it” true hence first port of call, take a look at the code and understand what it’s doing.


Combine the above and tailor UniServer to your own needs.

All the best

Ric :)

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