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Can't Access http://localhost

Al Stiles

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I will start by saying that I am a relative novice at the business of webservers. I have used Apache 2.2 with good success and have created two files. The first is an .HTML file that creates a form and the second file is a .PHP file that handles the form and returns a message to the sender. I have tested it on the Apache and it works as expected.


I just downloaded Uniform Server 3.5 and after jumping through numerous hoops, many I crafted myself, I was able to get to the admin panel. I attempted to run the two previously mentioned files and met with the same behavior that I first encountered when running them on the Apache server early in my learning to program in PHP. The form displays properly and submits. However, instead of the expected reply from the form handler, I have the actual code of the form handler file displayed. I am sure that this is happening because the form isn't going to Uniform Server but to the w:// drive and pulling the PHP file and displaying the contents. Just to be sure, I entered http://localhost and received an error message that said that the page could not be displayed. I then typed in http://localhost/register.htm and received the same error message. It seems to me that I am not getting the path right. I am attaching one of the two files, the .HTML form, to this entry and will follow it up with the .PHP file. These files are, by the way, resident on the root of the w:// drive


I have gone through this forum and noted that the "can't get to the localhost page" seems to be a common issue, but none of the solutions seemed to fit.


What can I do to fix this issue?


As promised, the .PHP file



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I downloaded the two files, ran them on a clean install of UniServer; they worked as expected.


I assume the two files have been put in the root folder www located:


*\Uniform Server\udrive\www


Entering the following into your browser:


http://localhost/register.htm ---Displays the form page


http://localhost/handle_form.php ---Displays the processed form (should not display code)


You say the files are in “w://” this looks as if you have placed the files in the wrong folder!


Run UniServer; look at drive w if the two files are there, move them to folder www


Note 1: W:\www is the same folder as *\Uniform Server\udrive\www


Note 2: When you run a default installation of Uniform server and type http://localhost/ into your browser the test image “The Uniform Server” is displayed and the browser tab will display “Uniform Server 3.5-Apollo” confirming the server is working correctly. If you have say index.htm or index.html in folder www then you need to type http://localhost/index.php to see the test image.


All the best


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