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Automatic Server Startup and Shutdown with Windows?


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I did a search for these questions and only found a startup-related question dated 2005 for version 3.2, so let me ask here and now:


I'd like to use Uniform Server for hosting an intranet Wiki for a small workgroup. As the host machine on the LAN may change from time to time, the portability of Uniform Server is very appealing.


Once everything is working, I'd like it if Uniform Server (and its components) automatically started when the XP host boots, and then cleanly shuts down when the XP host shuts down or is restarted. I know I can manually kill things, but ideally, the contents of the W drive would write themselves back to their "home" before shutdown.


A similar process for automatic backups would be nice too.


Can anyone point me in the right direction to accomplish these goals?


Thanks in advance,


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I think I understand the questions! In reverse order:


1) Drive W is really a fake drive, whatever is written to drive W is in reality written to the folder where UniServer was installed. If MySQL is written to that is updated, if you write to a file that is on the server it is also updated where US is installed. The updates are automatic hence if you move the US folder all updates get moved with it as well.


2) If you have a semi-permanent installation on your hard drive (not on your USB stick), add a shorts cut to the XP start-up menu and well US will automatically start up when your pc is started, when the pc is switch off it will stop.


I am not sure if I have missed the real problem! :)

All the best

Ric :)











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I think the question is what happens to the servers when Windows shuts down.


When Linux shuts down it will send every running process a kill command, I assume Windows does the same so there should be no problem of database corruption.


BUT, I will be testing this in a few days and will post back with some results. I have been using XAMPP which is a little bigger then Uniform Server. so the reduced size will save download bandwidth.


I'm glad to see those strange up and down (javascript) arrows removed, that gimmick made the software unusable for me before. Thanks.

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If it’s a clean shutdown you should have no problems.

If it’s a sudden interruption, you may be in the lap of the gods.

Ever suffered a brownout on a PC, you will understand?


If data loss is your main concern, think raid.

On a real practical note, when the lights dim my laptop keeps working, so if you have a desktop maybe UPS.


Will be interesting to see what your tests reveal.


All the best


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I'm a really raw newbie to this Uniform Server thingie. I've just taken on a new job and a smallish mostly MS network. U.S. is running on an XP box that is doing duty as an Intranet Server with a few PHP based programs that have, ummm, uncertain dependencies.


My inspection of the said Intranet box and the answers above lead me to believe that U.S. runs on Windows as an application: that is, it runs only after being manually started or at least upon logon by some user with suitable rights whose Startup folder contains a Shortcut to U.S. Indeed it runs quite well here but I'd rather not have a network Server (whatever the OS) that requires a user to be logged in all the time.


So, can this U.S. thing run as a Windows Service straight out of the box?


If so how? Any documentation on this? Any, so-far, undocumented sage wisdom available?


Or, am I destined to switch my "brand" of WAMP, to WAMP5 for example, which permits running the package as an application or installing it as a (set of) services and consequently starts and stops with the machine rather than a user's logon session? (I'd really rather not switch unless absolutely necessary of course.)


Or, would I have to pursue the make-an-application-run-as-a-service strategy with "SRVANY" (etc.) from the ResKit for W2k+3 (or is that W2k-45?)?


Any leads at all?



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