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chmod 777 newb


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hello all, love the new site btw,


I have a newbie question. im testing out a script on my windows box with uniserver. in the script some files have to be chmod 777. I know how to do this online through my site cpanel, but how do i change this using just apache. (i imagine thats how its done, through a .htaccess file perhaps?) Im thinking its in htaccess, or maybe the apache config. Am i headed in the right direction?


thanks very much for uniserver ive tried other apache compilations (apache, php etc ) but havent found one as easy to setup 'out of the box' like uniserver.


thanks, much regards

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You cannot Chmod on a Windows Server. It is not possible and not needed. Just run the script and it should work. Chomding on Apache Windows is not needed.


Sorry for the late reply.. :D

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