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Drive W won't diasappear !


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I got a REALLY annoying bug !


I went into standby with my laptop and after opening it up uniform server was not working anymore. Also I can't get rid of drive w ! I rebootet clean and the drive is still there. I can't stop it with stop.bat or UniCOntroller.


Also when I try to "start.bat y" the program responds "Uniform server running on y:" -> but there is no drive Y and the server is not working too.



Help ! How to get rid of w ?

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A quick intro to SUBST command.


1) The SUBST command allows you to map any folder (or physical drive) to a drive letter.

For example:

SUBST Z: C:\ --- Maps the C drive to virtual drive Z

SUBST S: C:\test --- Maps the folder test to virtual drive S

SUBST W: E:\new\uniserver --- Maps the folder uniserver to virtual drive W


2) To list all virtual drives created open a command prompt and type


with no parameters. This will list all drive letters and their corresponding folder mappings.


3) To delete a virtual drive use the /D parameter. For example

SUBST Z: /D --- Deletes drive Z

SUBST S: /D --- Deletes drive S

SUBST W: /D --- Deletes drive W



I have noticed some laptops when entering either standby or power down mode unpredictable things occur; files and registry entries can get corrupted.


For whatever reason you have a persistent drive letter W. Check using 2) to see if it is still listed as a virtual drive.


If so use 3) to delete it, should this not remove the drive you may a serious corruption problem.


Instead of using "start.bat y" try Disk Start.vbs or UniController.exe


All the best


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