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Little Mikey

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I just installed Uniform Server so I could dabble with some PHP. I downloaded Uniform Server 3.5 and when I start the server I get the purple screen that says Uniform Server but then the browser window just turns white. It is at http://localhost/apanal and I have navigarted through the URL to phpMyAdmin as well and all of the pages are blank white.


Any ideas on how I can solve this problem or what is causing it?


Thanks for your time.

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White screen of death is an interesting one! Never seen that before and no error messages anyway that’s not going to get your server working.


Start the servers using Server_Start.bat at this point I am not interested in what’s displayed. Do you have a drive letter W that remains?


If it disappears or looks corrupted (little question mark on the icon) the chances are you have run another server and uninstalled it, they leave some dross (files) behind that is causing a conflict these need to be deleted.


Search your computer for PHP.INI & LIBMYSQL.DLL any that do not belong to Uniform Server delete them.


Assuming this is not the problem type http://localhost into your browser if you have not installed your own index page the default will be displayed (purple background with UniServer logo) however if your browser displays a white page it could be a anti-virus software issue.


Make sure your PC is not connected to the Internet and then disable your anti-virus protection and try the server again. If this resolves the problem you need to configure your anti-virus to allow port 80.


You may have been unlucky and your download was corrupted, download another copy and try that.


Generally your browser will display some error message a white screen is not very helpful.



http://localhost - will display the default page or your index page

http://locahost/apanel - will display the admin panel for UniServer


See if any of the above helps

All the best

Ric :)

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