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Need "Complete Idiot's Guide"


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:huh: I took me 20 minutes after installation to figure out that to start the server you must click on "UniController.exe" :o :o :o ...really


Now it's up, but i don't get it? :blink: Am I supposed to copy all my files to this phantom "w"drive every time I start up the server? how do I make it point to my existing files?


And i don even know what I am going to do when it comes time to configure MYSQL...I already have a MySQL database..how am I going to hook THAT up. :(


Do i have to set up password etc. every time I start thi up? :)


Seriously, I probably sound like a complete moron..wich I am...but is there an easy to follow guide? :) ...I know you are prob. thinking A GUIDE? this could not be any simpler...but really..I am LOST.


Thank you for your patience.


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