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Hi. i have a problem with links of my website since i've made changes to virtual host on apache conf file.

i've managed to make the www.mydomain.ro work but not all the links return this message :


Not Found


The requested URL /pages/Abonament.html was not found on this server.

Apache/2.0.59 (Win32) DAV/2 PHP/5.2.3 Server at www.mydomain.ro Port 80


httpd.conf -->


<VirtualHost *>

ServerName mydomain.ro

DocumentRoot /www/myfolder



my website is in the myfolder folder.


Any way to solve this problem ?

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Your Vhost looks OK if I type this into a browser:




I will see your index page (served from folder www/myfolder)


However if I type this into my browser:



There is no matching Vhost (ServerName) for www.mydomain.ro

Hence it cannot be found and Apache will server pages from the first site listed in the Vhost section. However that is not consistent with the error message!


Take a look at this page http://center.uniformserver.com/u35_mod_ss...nfig_httpd.html

At the bottom of this page you are interested in the new column it gives the structure how Vhost are layed out the :80 are not required for your implementation.


You can have more that one Vhost pointing to the same root folder for example:


ServerName mydomain.ro

DocumentRoot /www/myfolder


ServerName www.mydomain.ro

DocumentRoot /www/myfolder


Not sure if that helps


All the best



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Thanks for your answer Ric. I've tried your solution but it doesn't work. maybe it's the cms script. it uses a mysql database and all the links and pages are saved to that database. when i'm working with localhost it works but when i change to mydomain.ro only the main paige works and the links to the pages show the error message i've posted earlier.

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I think what may be required is an entry in your hosts file,


Open the file hosts located in folder:




Add a line similar to this www.mydomain.ro


All the best

Ric :lol:

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