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Luke, use the fork...


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Since you guys are working on Uniform Server 4.0 maybe you can use this opprotunity to clean up the code and organize everything to make US as easy and painless to use. When I was reading the blog I clicked on a link to one of the forks. (Mov'AMP) One thing I liked about thier way of doing things, was everything was really clean and simple to use. With US 4.0 coming out maybe you can rearrange where everything is so it is nice and need in a clean hierarchy style. One thing you may also be able to use as a template for future versions is thier server start, they have one exe that starts everything and puts a little icon in the taskbar. The icon can be right clicked on to bring up a little menu to restart the server, stop it, and get information about the server.


You could also take some ideas from the competition, such as XAMPP (boo, hiss :lol: ) and create a controller like they have, where you can easily get information about what plugins are running and the status of the server.


Well, that is the end of my suggestions, hope you like them. Good luck with US 4.0! ;)

IPB Image


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Thats what we plan on doing.. lol. Trying to ask iapain what his capability is also.. or if we need to get another extra developer who can do that cause not to lie, i can't and i dont have time to learn that now with full course load and full time working.


But dont worry, when 4.0 comes out... you'll love us!!! lol. or at least i pray so! :lol:

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