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dynamic loading at run-time of PHP extensions


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I am runing 3.5 on my local host for development and wish to include a program that requires ironcube and the test for its support fails so my question is, does uniform server support the

dynamic loading at run-time of PHP extensions? One of my hosting services does and one doesn't but it would be good if it would work in my development evironment.

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Could you explain a little more about the problem ;)



I am about to use the online booking manager with my website to be found at www.onlinebookingmanager.com/requirements/ and they provide you with a test.zip file to load into your server to test if the server supports the application. When I unzip it under www and run, it tells me its not working. They provide flavours for many operating systems eg windows, linux , unix...


I hope this helps


Thanks :lol:

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It does not give you an error or something? also, i was talking about the dynamic loading?


I'm sorry I am not being very helpful but I don't really understand the problem. All I can quote is what the web site says:


"The server where the Online Booking Manager will be installed must support the dynamic loading at run-time of PHP extensions. To check this, please download the appropriate "test.zip" file for your server platform.

In order to run the "test.zip" file, please unpack the "test.zip" file somewhere into the web space and access the "test.php" file. The expected result should be "Test passed"."


This I have done on my Uniform Server and it doesn't work I was hoping that someone might know what this meant and if there was a setting in Apache that was required for this to work. The program supliers can't help because they can't login to my localhost.


Thanks for your interest.



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Tell them to download uniform server from our website and help you out. Its their program so they should be able to point you in the right direction....


Does any other page on the server show up though? Try http://localhost, can you see it?

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