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myphpadmin iconv US3.5


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when i start a new installation of v.3.5 i get the following error:


Couldn't load the iconv or recode extension needed for charset conversion. Either configure PHP to enable these extensions or disable charset conversion in phpMyAdmin.


what went wrong?

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Have you ever installed PHP as a separate install on your PC using the .exe from php.net?


No i do not have installed a local version of PHP. But i did find the problem. On my machine was also dia installed and the use also iconv.dll After unistalling Dia (flowchart open source) i was able to start myPHPadmin.

Now i need to find a sollution on how i can use both applications

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Oh i see... unless there is way for Dia to use the one thats in the Uniform Server folder, i dont know... i really dont know much about the program sorry.

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