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Just found this excellent site http://www.microsoft.com/sql/editions/express/default.mspx

Providing a free SQL server thought I would pop it on my memory stick and gives it a whirl.


The download size is interesting 36M to 475M depending on choice, no idea what it expands I also need a few extras to run it! UniServer download 7M expands to 36M including database and server runs from a memory stick no problem.


So what do I get for my money? Free does not translate to open source, I could not find any information how to run it from a USB memory stick. I am slowly taking the Linux route this freebie along with Vista is pushing me that way. Once snared into the big brother trap, you may find there is no way to go; hence I am taking the opportunity of learning and exploring alternative routes.


My real point if you are green in any way that old box will work perfectly with Linux and for some time to come. However it’s never going to run Vista or even XP and that freebie will not run either on your old kit. Again I pose the question what do I get for my money.

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About the question "What do you get for your money?" that is an odd question. In the past I have used Linux on one of my computers because it was too underpowered to run Windows 95. After using Linux for a couple of months I noticed a couple of things. It never crashed, and if I did something to screw it up, it took only half an hour to install.(less than 5 minutes of data input) But with Windows of any version I am constantly trying to make something work, once that something works something else doesn't. Once I get everythign working the system crashes.


Just because I paid $100 or so for an OS does not mean it is better than a free OS.


Money should almost never be used in a debate over what product to buy.

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