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New Sig+Avatar ^^


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Cool... I like... The the picture come vectorized like that like from the game or did u work on it also in Photoshop?


You a real DJ? Cause i also DJ :angry: I use DENON HD2500 :D Doing a party this Friday at my Apartment in fact :(

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Hey that is Ace


My first amp for doing the same thing (DJ) had a line up of EF86 pre-amp, ECC83 phase splitter followed by two EL84’s. Scratched the vinyl with Garrard home made twin decks. Disco lights a few car headlamps controlled via micro switches and thyristors from the speaker cones. The best PC that could be purchased in them days was a!!! :D


All the best

Ric :angry:

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:D hehe... everyone is a DJ? lol :angry:


I am still trying to get my speakers so i can know what AMP to get... right now i am looking to save up for a pair of JBL JRX 125 Speakers.. and then the amp...

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