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UniTray plugin for 3.5-Apollo


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This unofficial ucUniTray plugin is based on the one originally designed for UniServer 3.2 although it is a cut down version you may find it useful.




All the best

Ric :D

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Should have the new version up by the end of the month, i am praying.. lol.


Is your prayer been heard? I hope so

I'm looking forward for unitray



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It all takes time; if you want it now, hack the code to meet your own requirements. None of the code is written in stone; hence you can change it.


That’s all part of the flexibility that UniServer offers and one reason I like it. My unofficial ucUniTray plugin, should not conflict with the final version just delete it.


If you want to add more functionality, open up the ini file and make the appropriate changes.


All the best

Ric :)

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