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When can we expect 3.5?


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I'm currently configuring my 3.4 version of the uniform server and loving it. While reading various topics on this forum i've seen a few notes about an upcoming 3.5 version. I'm curious when we can expect this new version and what improvements it will have.


Always looking for the latest :rolleyes:

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3.5 was released yesterday :rolleyes:


You need to keep updated by checking the Blog @ http://blog.uniformserver.com





Shame I missed it, my feeble excuse I was out, however I have just download 3.5, looks as if its going to be a busy weekend.

All the best



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Check out the blog post Ric :(


Yep, I liked that. :lol:


May be you will like this: :rolleyes:




I have checked it but need to read through it again.

Hence some pages will change. Just a few warts? :angry:


You may or may not like the concept of Oily Rag but this is for users who like to get their hands dirty. It is work in progress so never expect complete pages. :blink:


However I completed two pages for Megan but not a definitive solution. :o


Well that is my lot for tonight but worth publishing I think! :unsure:


All the best



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