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Using Uniserver w/IIS


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I had Uniserver up and running to test out help desk software for my company on my own PC. we've now set up a win2k server and it's up and ready to move everything over.


I know that I need mysql and php, can I still use uniserver on IIS? do I have to install mysql and php separately? What versions do you recommend?


I pretended I could use uniserver on IIS. I moved everything to the wwwroot folder and started up the server/disk engine, then it opened the localhost/a/ and gave me "page not found." I don't understand enough about IIS to know what I need to change!


I've been all over the wiki and the forums. by the way, the search feature here doens't work at all :D


It's a great product tho!




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Umm.. the Search Feature here works prefect.


Also about your server, you cannot run 2 server at the same time talkless running 1 on the other so no you cannot run Uniform Server under IIS. :D To get help for IIS, contact a Microsoft Forum, Newsgroup or anything... I do not know much about IIS. Never really used it...


However i am sure you can install PHP for IIS but i do not know about MySQL, maybe you will have to do that seprately...


IF you do not mind me asking why can't you continue using Uniform Server? It works perfect under Windows 2000? and even works better than IIS/safer than IIS. :D


Anyways, thanks a lot for using our program... :) ... :(


Try and ask None01... he is an IIS user also... the ASP part of IIS at least i believe... catch him in the IRC channel over at irc.freenode.net/uniserver


By the way, if it is because of ASP, you can run ASP.NET on the Uniform Server. We just can't get ASP alone to work cause of MS...

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Thanks for the reply!


Actually, if I could just run uniserver on my PC and allow other users in this network to connect to it I would. It starts working fine, but I run into conflicts where the cerberus helpdesk software is referencing "localhost" as the database and of course on client machines it is returning "page cannot be displayed". (they don't have localhost running on THEIR machine)


I guess I don't know which software is having the problem. If a client connects to the web pages being served by Uniserver, and for instance they click "register", the URL goes from my IP address (http://198.XXX.XXX.XXX/scriptpath/") to "localhost/scriptpath/register.php" and gives an error.


I am not sure what direction I want to go in - I'd rather use Uniserver.


Any thoughts??


(and I did a search for IIS, my name, ASP, and got no results, even though I've seen topics with IIS in it...doesn't pick up this topic either. Searching by "all forums")

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The search feature might not be powerfull.. never really used it.. but tested it only on that day...


About your program, you have to change the script url in the script's config from localhost which is what i believe you used to the ip address of your machine and everything will work fine.

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