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I have a problem that I don't have an idea on what caused it


I downloaded UniServer3_4 from Sourceforge.net

Installed it on my system.. and tried to make it run, well..


I receive the message "the server is running" from UniController after clicking start

I don't get redirected but I don't get any error either,

Whenever I try to connect to it via my browser I get this message

"The connection was refused when attempting to contact localhost."


I am a newbie to this sort, although I was able to run Apache with PHP before (I had problems with mySQL)

With this, I believe that your service, a preconfigured package will help me a lot..


Please tell me how to fix this.. and what I need besides my old OS Win98.

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So it not working then if you can't see http://localhost or http://localhost/apanel :unsure:


Do you have a W:/ drive created when you start the server? and by the way, use Server_Start.bat this time so we can monitor it if any error is given....

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