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SMF Wont install Using 3.4 ?


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Ok I am using UniForm Server 3.4

For some reason all other forum software works fine but SMF simple machines wont work T_T


What exactly does this mean? I'm confused lol.


Please inform your host that the session.save_path specified in php.ini is not valid! It needs to be changed to a directory that exists, and is writable by the user PHP is running under.

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It means that in php.ini the variable session.save_path is wrong. To fix this open up php.ini (located w:/usr/local/php) and find the line that says session.save_path you will see multiple of these, if they have a ; before them then ignore them. Find the one without a ;

It should look like this:

session.save_path = "/tmp"


Change it to this:

session.save_path = "1;/tmp"


Restart the server and try the install again.

IPB Image


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I have just tried your proposed solution and as expected breaks phpMyAdmin. Have tried using phpMyAdmin since making that change? :unsure:


If it has broken phpMyAdmin change the path back to session.save_path = "/tmp"


Delete the database that was created and do a fresh install. However before you start the install process copy any old .htaccess file into the folder (smf_1-1-2_install) containing install.php


Open the .htaccess file and delete all it’s content now add the following line:

php_value session.save_path /tmp/


Save the file and proceed with installation every thing should run smoothly.


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