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UniServer3_4, redirection to apanel


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In previous versions you would be redirected to the apanel when starting up the server.


Don't know it it's intentional, but this doesn't happen in 3.4.


In \udrive\home\admin\www\redirect.html i had to add apanel to the redirection:


<meta http-equiv="refresh" content="1;url=http://localhost/apanel"> <!-- added apanel -->
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Okie dokie,


But it's not consistent with this quote from the \udrive\docs\READ ME.txt:



Starting the server



- Run Server Start.vbs or Start.bat (and you will have by default W:\ disk that is server).

- It should automatically open up a browser that will connect to http://localhost/apanel/ or by IP address

- To start as service on NT run plugins\Services\Run.bat (!!! be sure you know what you are doing).

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