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ColdFusion on Uniform Server?


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I am a ColdFusion MX 7 developer looking to see if anyone has installed ColdFusion MX 7 on their UniServer?


There is the IgniteFusion that will work ont he UniServer, however, it does not support all of the ColdFusion tags/functions.


If anyone has successfully installed CFMX7 server on their Uniform Server, and would be willing to share, please post.


Thanks, any help is greatly appreciated! :lol:


Stacy M.

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Yes, it works very well with Apache, I currently run two production Linux servers with Apache/CFMX.


The IgniteFusion works great on the UniServer, but it does not allow for all the CFMX tags/functions to be used, which limits its usefulness I'm afraid.


I've tried to install the CFMX server on the UniServer, but without much luck so far, I'll keep trying though, hopefully will get it! :lol:

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