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using multiple shared partitions/folders along localhost


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Does anyone know how to accsess more than one shared partition/folder on the server through a virtual host or other method?



I am not sure what you are trying to do; a little more detail would help.


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the uniform server creates the virtual shared harddrive called W by default. the amount of space available on W is limited to what harddrive/partition you installed uniform server to (ex. if you installed uniform server on drive C in program files and C has 10gb, then drive W has 10gb of maxium space. I want drive W to virtualy include other drives for instance, drive C(10gb) drive D(15gb) and drive E(20gb) allowing a total of 45gb in drive W.

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Thanks for the info, there are no directives to collectively allocate disk space allowing several drives to appear as one. You have the following options to resolve your problem:


1) Remove the disk partitions giving you that extra space required.

2) Add an extra hard drive with increased capacity.


3) If you are hosting more that one site using VirtualHost you can map these across drives. For example


DocumentRoot C:/site1/www


DocumentRoot E:/site2/www


Note: Use absolute paths


If site1 becomes too large for drive C install a new drive for example Z and just re-map using DocumentRoot Z:/site1/www


Any other ideas or thoughts are welcome

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thank you, that answered my question.


i had tried using virtual hosts before but i never used the DocumentRoot prefix.


also, another question. does uniform server need to be installed on the other drives for the method to work?


No just one instance of UniServer (it will not allow you to start another). Any way that’s the power of Apache you can server pages from any location. Using VirtualHost makes it very easy.


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