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Great software, but sometimes frustrates


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First off, thank you for making this great piece of software. I've used it in my work as a programmer and as a teacher, and it has always worked out for me.


However, just now, it just stopped working for me (bear with me for a while, this is not a plea for support). I double clicked the .bat file, and the command prompt showed up saying Apache is started and W drive is created. However, I can't open http://localhost/, and there is no W drive in My Computer. Hm. So I try it again, without stopping the server first, but I get no error. But still no server. Oookayy...


Went to the website. Opened the Wiki, FAQ, and Forum in three separate tabs. Combed through each of them. Searched in the forums. Uninstalled Skype. Downloaded Active Ports to see if anything else is using port 80. Searched my entire hard drive to see if I have a libmysql.dll file somewhere somehow. Checked if I have IIS installed (even though I know I don't, yecch, evil server). Checked network drives to see if W is somehow being used again (it is by default one of the network drives, but I just know I disconnected that a long time ago). Checked my friggin network and wifi settings. Disconnected from the network and tried again. Logged off and logged in as an administrator and tried again. Nothing worked!!


Last resort was to make an account in this forum to ask for support from the experts finally. Also thought of backing up my www/ and data/ drives so that I can download and "install" again.


Right before I was about to make a plea for support, the download finished. I unzipped, and started the darn thing. And it worked! Finally worked! 3 hours of troubleshooting, and the freaking server suddenly decides to end my misery and stop its tantrums.


I love this software, but let me tell ya, sometimes it frustrates.

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I trust the blood dripping down your walls has been cleaned up, as for the hair loss; I have yet to find a solution. I read your post with mild amusement; it describes my experience with PCs and software to a T.


I cannot fault your logical and methodical approach to solving the problem, only to find no tangible solution. The real problem vaporised into thin air with a fresh download. Hence you have seen the effect as to the cause! Well probably long since gone. It’s this type of scenario that frustrates me, but hey that’s the real world.


My definitive solution for all hardware and software problems, never switch the PC on, but then again I never practice what I preach so my hair loss continues. One tip worth considering, paint the walls red. You never mentioned screaming I find earplugs work a treat.


Banging your head against a wall, pulling hair out with bouts of screaming is found on most software and hardware job descriptions (its in the small print) and allows you to seamlessly blend in and become an active team player.


Well have fun and enjoy.

PS I do understand “sometimes it frustrates”


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Thank you for understanding the understatement of my post. Unmentioned though the blood and screaming may be (mainly because they were all just happening in my head), they did happen. Painting the walls red is not an option I'm afraid, as I work in an office.


At home though I'm already considering padded walls for my interiors, and what better environment for a programmer than to have it in stylish crimson...



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It happens, :angry: And you know what, the problem could be the stupidest thing no one would have thought of...


Well it hasn't happened in a while, so that's good. I hope this approach works the next time I have to try it though... :lol:

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