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UniCenter is a strange beast; it is independent that’s why I have never ported anything to the Wiki. The reason behind that is because I can; well just move it to another location and remain independent. Olajide (thanks), after nine months has been true to his word; he would host the site with no censorship.


Well I have just revamped the site and I hope have made it a little more navigable. I have added some new sections to actively encourage any new user to go in and have a play. That may sound strange but I have hammered UniServer to the point of annihilation but it has never reciprocated; by that I mean has never KILLED my machine.


Why the hell do I support UniServer, apart from being a production server it is a very competent teaching server. When it breaks my PC I will let you know.


As for UniCenter, well I will apologise for the links, that do not zap you to the right location and to the inarticulate content, I have been known to ramble on, Ho well. The content may be total rubbish; I have no problem with that, if I have sparked one idea; or stimulated one brain cell; then I will have achieved my goal and welcome to the world of open source software.



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:lol: @ Ric... thats ok... You do a great job and its a great site to dirrect No0bs too... lol.


Did you get my message about the wiki... i am a simple guy and like things in order... and i was just wondering if we could use the main wiki... you know... so people dont have to be going here and there for info...

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Hi Olajide

Yep got your message, have no problem with that, thought it would be a good idea for a mini Wiki, but thinking about it would be impossible to maintain, I think the main Wiki is the right way to go. Now all I have to do is learn how to use it :angry:


All the best

Mike :lol: :P

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