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quiete a hassle


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Downloaded the 3.3 version, but saw it didnt worked, just check the forums. sql database update is needed, some more obvious apache security settings not done, etc.


Finally I have my turnkey solution worked out, a 3.3 or may I call it a 3.3/5, thanks to the great guys and knowledge in the forums.


Its become a 14 mb zip file, and looking for a way to share it with you. Any suggestions?


I can put it on my own ftp server, but am a bit reluctant to attract possible hackers and such.




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Thanks, but thats Ok....


No need. I can guarantee you the one on my PC getting ready for release is far better... and ppl can do it themselves... its that easy. Just like Geico, "So Easy a Cavemen Can Use It" :) :)

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