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Problem viewing phpMyadmin in firefox


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Hi all. I've got kind of an odd issue with phpMyadmin that I haven't been able to figure out. After starting up uniform server and trying to access phpMyadmin using firefox I receive nothing but a blank screen. If I try loading it in IE however, phpMyadmin loads up just fine. The odd thing to me is that in firefox if I choose the view source code option from the menu bar, I can see the source code listed there for the web page and it looks exactly the same as the view source code option in IE.


Has anyone else run across this before? I've checked to make sure that I didn't have any options turned off in firefox (i.e. javascript stuff and the like) but so far all the options are set to allow everything so I am stumped.


Normally I wouldn't care but my goal is to run uniform server and the portable version of firefox off a usb thumb drive, so I'd like to be able to get phpMyadmin to load in the regular version of firefox first to make sure it works as intended.


I'm running on firefox version 1.5.1 on a windows xp sp2 machine in case that helps any.


Any and all suggestions are welcome. I'm pretty computer savvy so don't feel afraid to use those big words. :)


Thanks in advance.

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Umm... thats what i do here with no problems.... Hope you did not turn Frame Off... is thats possible.... i really haven't seen a problem like this.... Sorry... :)

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Wow! I really wasn't expecting such a quick reply. Thanks for taking a look at it so quickly.


Yeah I'll admit it is a strange one. However, I did download that portable version of firefox that I mentioned I was planning on using and it is based off of firefox version 2 and that seems to load up phpMyadmin just fine. So either there's some wierd quirk with firefox between those two versions, or I might have unknowingly altered a setting way back when with my old firefox version that I am not aware of now.


At any rate, I will consider it a "case closed" as it works with firefox version 2 just fine. Thanks anyway for trying.


If however I do figure out what caused that problem I will post a reply to this thread.


Thanks again. And great product by the way. I've used it off and on in the past and love its convenience factor of being small and easily transportable.

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Is portable Firefox now stable? As in the portable version? It might be some old mistakes or mabe some tweaks or settings... not exactly sure...


Good Luck.

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Just figured I'd let you know that I figured out what the problem was. Hopefully this will help someone else if they ever run into a similar problem.


What happened was that quite a while ago I had toggled the "browser.cache.memory.enable" flag in firefox to false to try and limit it's memory usage, but I had long since forgotten about that. The way I stumbled back upon that was that the other day when I was brushing up on using sessions in PHP with uniform server I noticed that none of the pages that included a session_start() would load at all. I'd just get a nice blank screen. With this new problem I was now having I decided to take a look at some of the more advanced options in firefox by typing in "about:config" into the address bar. I scrolled down the list looking for anything that sounded like it could have an effect (and to see if I could possibly remember if I ever altered some of those settings). Well my eyes locked upon one called "browser.cache.memory.enable" which showed as being previously altered. After seeing that, I did recall making that change myself. So, on a whim I decided to change it back to a value of true and try loading the phpMyadmin page again. It loaded up just fine and has been working ever since.


So for all of you that like to tinker with the advanced options of firefox, don't forget to check back there if something isn't working as intended. Even if it doesn't seem like it should make a difference, go ahead and try resetting some of those options back to their defaults anyway.


Thanks again for trying to help.

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