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Need ugernt help...


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hi all,


I can't start my Uniform Server, it had worked before, but now I can't start it, just get this error message:


The disk w is busy. Use start.bat [disk letter]


I don't have the drive W listed and I have also tried with other drive letter, didn't help.

also have cheked port 80, no program is running on this port.

I have also cheked for the file: LIBMYSQL.*, but it is not in the directories C:\windows or C:\windows\system32


I'm running with version 3.2 but have also tried with version 3.3, but that not works either.


hope somebody can help me out here.


Best Regards

John Bork

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k, you must have done soemthing different.... it just does not work. Check everything over again, or try and download a new copy to test and see if it will work...

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I have seen this once before on a friends machine, re-installed a known working copy of US from a pen drive and yep W busy. He totally assured me that he had installed no new software. I disabled updates, rolled the machine back to a known working date. This cured the problem as for the cause, well it points to updates, not convinced on that one, could have just been a pc feature. He enabled updates with no adverse effects.


As for the cause :)

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