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Ok, we where offline for some days and i just wanted to let you all know why. Recently the forum has been growing, we have been seeing more hits and so on and being cached by Google Bots so it was bound to happen that the Spammer Bots will find us. They did, and their first mass spamming launch lead us to change the registration setting to require email varification and delete unvarified members after 7 days.


The second mass attack, which is the recent one, has also now lead us to change some more settings. There is now a 10second flood control delay (even though i think its too small to stop them, but good enough for everyone else) and some words have been banned from being used in usernames.


Other required things we felt we had to do is ban all email with the .ru tld. And we also specifically banned all *@mail.ru emails. If any legitimate *.ru email address are here, they can send me an email and i will unban that, but the *@mail.ru is going to stay banned since thats the email domain most spammers use.


We also added a new custom profile field to the Registration Page, called Registration Test, this will also help us cut down the amount of spammer registrations on the site. Its a real easy test that requires you to enter the numbers from 0-9 backwards.


New things will be added as we find them.

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