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Login page error


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Hi i just followed this tutorial on creating a login page in dreamweaver mx with php and mysql. http://www.adesdesign.net/php/tutorials/dr...ecure_login.php

This tutorial is fairly straight forward and i think there's nothing wrong with it.


I followed the given steps and when i was done and tried to reach the login page, i got this error.


Warning: main(Connections/connectDB.php) [function.main]: failed to open stream: No such file or directory in W:\www\login.php on line 1


Fatal error: main() [function.require]: Failed opening required 'Connections/connectDB.php' (include_path='.;/usr/local/PHP/includes;/usr/local/PHP/pear') in W:\www\login.php on line 1


I think it has something to do with uniform server but i don't know what.


Can somebody help me fix this problem.


Thanks in advance

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A. You post was moved to the right forum.

B. It is not a problem with Uniform Server or anyhting of such, but what you have installed.

C. You have to install Pear on your server.

D. To install first get the updated version of go_pear.php at http://go-pear.org/

E. Save that to "W:/home/admin/www/plugins/pear/" and then run it.. It will automatically install Pear for you.

F. You are done :D

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You must have done something wrong.


Did you replace the go_pear.php file with the one you got from the go-pear.org site?


If this still does not work go to pear.php.net and download the package itself.

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(My initial pear file was named Uni_go-pear.php)


I took the go-pear.php file and placed in in my websire root.

Then i accessed itfrom my browser.Changed the installation prefix to W:\home\admin\WWW\plugins and the php.exe file path to W:\usr\local\Php

Not changing the installation prefix doesn't make any difference.

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Do not change anything at all. After you download it just run it and click next and it should work. You do not need to set anything or do anything. Just lick start or run or whatever it says.. maybe next :D

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As I stated in my previous post, if I leave the settings as they are, the error stil shows up.

I downloaded the PEAR package but i have no clue what to do with it.

I tried to run a few of the php files but they all turn up with the same errors.

And the bat files in the package don't do anyhting.


I need some serious help here, i can't create a thing without this PEAR.

Got some more tips / suggestions ??

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lol.. u make me laugh.. :D


Here is what you need, you need the PEAR.php file, and the Connections folder.


Copy the PEAR.php file and the whole Connections folder with connectDB.php in it to where your script is located.


It should work. That is the best way to do it....

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