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not workin'


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ok.. i'm getting the page cannot be found error when i run start.bat. i'm on windows xp, when i try to ping localhost:80 it cannot find it. i also have nortons installed and i understand this is a major issue with getting it to work. is norton's making my localhost:80 not return a ping? has anyone found a way to get it to work with nortons? i would rather not uninstall it so new into my subscription.


also on a cable modem with a netgear router.


never installed apache or anything else before. i did try foxserv AFTER i couldnt get uniserve to work, but that one didnt work either.

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Norton might be blocking the port. Check to make sure that it is not blocking port 80....


And check to make sure that u are not using Skype which also uses port 80 sometimes. If you are, go to the prefrences and chnage the port.

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