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Welcome To The New Forum!


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Well, as you all know, my host screwed me and everyone they were hosting, and as I posted before, I did not make a backup copy of the site because i am lazy.


This is the new forum for the new site, and though it is not as big as the old one, it is good and everything is layered in the same order though better.


Please use good use of this forum, and also register to get more things such as underground development releases.


Some features that has been installed on this new forum are:


IRC Chat: Now you can chat straight from the forum and also using your username as the nick name. It is quick and easy though it does require you have Java installled.

[Link]: http://forum.uniformserver.com/index.php?act=chat


iMode WAP: You can also access the forum using your cellphone or any WAP enabled browser.

[Link]: http://forum.uniformserver.com/imode/


RSS Feed: Another thing you can also do is view the latest news from the announcement forum using your favorite RSS feed client.

[Link]: http://forum.uniformserver.com/rss.php


Other new things will be installed so keep checking back for more info. :)



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New things are also:


Uniform Server Blog: The Uniform Server's Blog. Here you can catch the lastest news and development about the Uniform Server

[Link]: http://blog.uniformserver.com

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