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Found 5 results

  1. Title says it all, I have Zero XI up and running, and I would like to upgrade to Zero XII, but I do not want to lose my settings and databases, is there a step by step guide on how to do so?
  2. Can someone please advise me about updating Uniform Server? I am running version UniServer Zero XI 11.0.7 with UniController XI V1.0.6. I run it on a removable HDD. I want to update to the newest version of Uniform Server. I have two WordPress websites under development on this server, and I want them to continue to operate after I upgrade. I understand that this can be different in each case, depending on what files may have been altered. I am including a screenshot of the directory structure of the harddrive and the UniformServer installation. I am pretty certain that I have not made changes to any of the files for the different components, but I am not sure which files may have been created automatically when I installed WordPress for each of the two websites. I don't remember installing any additional modules into the UniformServer (but I s'pose I could be wrong about that!) I think that I should install the latest version in parallel with the old version, with a different directory name. I'd like specific advice on which folders and/or files that I would copy over from the old version into the new version. Also, please let me know if there is anything MORE that I'd need to do than simply copying files or folders from the old to the new version. Any advice appreciated, specific instructions especially! Thanks!
  3. Hi, We are trying to upgrade our server from the XI build to XIII. Is there a short way about this without reconfiguring the entire server such as httpd.conf / httpd-ssl.conf / production.ini / my.ini and all other previous configurations? On another note, we have been waiting for the Zero XIII modules 5.6.31 separate or 5.6.32. It worked for us installing 5.6.30 in Zero XI but now our security guys are requiring us to us at least PHP 5.6.31. Thanks in advance.
  4. zkus

    Update PHP

    Hey. The server work 100% perfect, but I need to upgrade the PHP 5.4 version to 5.6.12 because the Drupal 8 Installation need it. But I am confused which of these versions would to choose is: http://windows.php.net/download/ O.S: Windows 10
  5. I notice that Coral 8.8.8 has been released, and I thought I'd take advantage to upgrade my old 8.0.0 setup. I remember that back when I installed 8.0.0 over an old 7.x.x setup, there were many questions in the forum about how to run a simple upgrade and, back then, there were some suggestions about renaming directories, reinstalling, and copying across various configuration files (but no definitive list of which files to keep). It seems that it's much the same story, still, which is a pity because, with a simple and intelligent upgrade procedure it seems to me that Uniform server would be easily the best WAMP setup around. The reason that I prefer to use a pre-rolled WAMP setup, rather than to install Apache, MySQL and PHP seperately, is precisely because I don't know enough about the interactivity between the three tools to be confident of maintaining my own home-grown and secure setup. It would therefore be excellent if Uniform Server could detect existing installations of itself, and update the various binaries while keeping the config settings. As it is, I essentially end up re-configuring Apache, my virtual servers, MySQL and PHP each time... At the very least, a clear and concise 'How To Upgrade' wiki page would be really cool.
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