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Found 3 results

  1. Thought I'd upload to the latest version of US and, it fails miserably on my machine; leaving the annoying message pictured in the screenshot. Took minotaur's advice from their thread - but there is still no joy, so I'll have to go backwards, but I don't remember which version I had on previously, so I feel I'm a little screwed. Don't have time or inclination to navigate to another server program. HELP?!?!?!?!?!?
  2. Hi, I was using version 12.2.0 and everything worked perfectly, but after upgrading to the 12.4.0 and trying to access phpMyAdmin, I got this error: I didn't have another option rather than go to the path UniServerZ\home\us_opt1\locale and try to change the name of the folder 'es' by 'es_ES' and it worked well. My native language is Spanish.
  3. I tried running Uniserver Micro Php Miniserver on Windows XP Pro (in virtualbox, if you need to know), and I keep coming across this error that no one that I've Googled has come across. When running Uniserver Micro Php Miniserver it comes up with this error message: "Failed to execute: 14001" "Press OK to ignore and risk data corruption" "Press Cancel to kill the program" I press OK and still it fails to run, which only leaves me with the other option, cancel. Has anyone else come across this error? If so what is the problem and how is it fixed? Note I used UniServerMicro_1_0_11.exe if that helps.
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