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  1. WOW what a package. I have been running the NANO series for years. And have been mostly very happy with it, Then starting a bit ago it was attack after attack even caught a root kit and many many more virus. I tried Comodo, Norton And every thing i could find; studies HTACCESS till i lost half my hair and my husband started complaning, at one point I copied all my files (just my work not programs) to a stack of 100 dvd's and reformatted and reinstalled win7 and all my software programs. Just to get a clean slate.. So then there was this email lost in the spam for at least a week from Uniform Server announcing a upgrade was available for me. I jumped on it and installed the first of 3 Server Zero on the Win7 box. I no sooner got the first one runing when a upgrade notice came in and then a week or so later I got another,, Great server.. cudos' Setup took 2 minutes of editing, left almost everything as it was,, added web pages,, ((( using just HTML pages till this attack thing slows down, PERFECT just PERFECT... So in a heady rush I figure I can upgrade the XP box to Uniform Server Zero XI... One word NO---- don't do it, It says yes you are accessable from the internet but you are NOT.... Then this box pops up to move the splash page and my whole file system.. so i move the splash page and now every few minutes a pop up saying page not found and and Uniform Server Zero XI can not launch the default browser and I get firefox opening a 404 web page the requested URL /us_splash/index.php was not found on this server... I guess it is not in the www root as that is where i copied it back to.. WIN 7 yes.. a great fit.. XP... use NANO... Although now only the win7 box http://couch-potato-sales.com/ is workingl 78ez.com is DOA....
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