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Found 1 result

  1. I have installed Uniserver version Zero XI 11.1.7 on my computer which runs under Windows 7. It was pleasing to see that this comes pre-loaded with a PHP extension PHP_mongo.dll and its details show up fine when I call PHP-Info(). Following the advice given by the tutorials on your web site I have also installed on my computer the MongoDB, version V 1.0 21-7-2010 mongo_standalone_v1_0. Both Uniserver and MongoDB live on my local C drive in their own distinct folders as follows :C/mongodb_1 and :C/UniServerZ Both of these seem to be operating well judging by some simple tests I conducted. However, I presume something more needs to happen before I am able to access and read documents in that mongo database with PHP from within Uniserver, as that is not the case at the present. I have tried to also replace the php_mongo.dll extension of Uniserver with the one that is supllied with the standalone mongodb, but this was to no avail. In fact this replacment PHP extension does not even show up in the php-info(). Can you please advise me as to what I need to do in order to integratie that standalone mongo database with my Uniserver? Basically, I want to be able to access and update mongo documents using PHP from within Uniserver. Thank you, "Living Fossil"
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