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  1. The women I met in the upper age group of 45 to 60 years, I find that they are overweight and do no type of fitness, they have minimal savings, they rent and they do not have a car If they have something, they've probably been married at some point and got half when they divorced, then they finally have a house and the job they do is mostly pay for the existing house while they're collecting money from their ex, so I'd stay single
  2. has anyone ever been in such a situation? What would be the best strategy to pick up some old customers and continue to recruit new ones?
  3. I've been doing Photoshop for a long time. But I think there are people who have to do their job. I needed to make a logo for the store. I could make them myself. But I decided that I would use the services of the guys who offer here https://www.namecheap.com/guru-guides/how-to-make-a-logo/. I went through the step-by-step instructions.
  4. Magnetto


    What software do you use that helps you learn uke? I wonder what your favorites are? Tell us about all your apps!
  5. Magnetto


    Instagram Facebook My top 3 apps are myfin, Instagram, and Facebook. I have an online store, so these are useful tools for calculating finances, risks, and the like. Plus they consult me with my credit, it helps me a lot. What's your favorite app?
  6. league of legends opens a new team tournament. I hope to participate in it and of course win. What is your opinion about this?
  7. Magnetto

    Harley Quinn

    Epic is going to be preying on your wallet when this Harley Quinn skin comes to Fortnite to coincide with Birds of Prey.
  8. I really like your work! I've only been studying graphic design for a couple of months, using various video tutorials on the Internet and special portals for designers. I try to practice this as often as possible, and I already have the first successes. I recently found psd flyer templates free here https://www.elegantflyer.com/category/free-flyers/ and decided to use one of them to make a flyer with my design. It turned out pretty well, but I understand that I still need to practice a lot of this and read more information about graphic design.
  9. Magnetto

    Family Store

    You have a wonderful picture. My family also has a small grocery store. We all work there: me, my father, my mother, my sister. I recently suggested that my father sell energy drinks, he was initially against it, but after I gave him good reasons, he agreed. After that we are monster energy bulk buy https://ttline.online/en/category.html?main=101&productType=272 it turned out to be very profitable.
  10. Then it's okay to charge 15-20%?
  11. A70 I in terms of battery life when what % should I charge?
  12. Wow, I don't recommend taking pills. It can be harmful to your health without consulting a doctor. Maybe you need some good porn? This Leaked Diaries website is a godsend. This is a huge repository of photos with celebrities. These are the hottest and sexiest celebrities
  13. Bitcoin trading at the moment, looks more interesting than different resources. This is determined by the high unpredictability of the instrument. Remember that the price of Bitcoin is constantly changing, it is an extremely volatile device, so constantly check what price you are going for in a deal. In the same way, it affects your store. Focus on how the broker here and there moves like an exchanger, they can remove the extra commission.
  14. Magnetto

    latest trip

    Last year I was in New York with my friends. We immediately decided to rent a car https://realcar.nyc/rent-a-jaguar-f-pace so that we can visit all the places that we have planned, at any time. Get ready and let's go!) It was the right decision. Of course, it doesn't cost a lot of money these days, but it's a memory. And memories are priceless!
  15. Why are you worried about this? Almost all men watch porn videos and in my opinion this is normal. I can even say that many women watch such adult videos, and this is not new. I can watch it sometimes too https://all-usanomination.com/ new videos, it all depends on my mood.
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