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  1. Turns out its a Privileges issue. When creating a new MySQL restricted database user, using the uniform server console>MySQL> Create Restricted MySQL user, the privileges listed there are apparently not enough for some Joomla packages to install. To resolve this I used the Uniform Server Console>phpMyAdmin and selected my DB name in left the panel. Next go to Privileges in upper bar, for correct DB User, select edit and select all privileges. Now Joomla installs its packages correctly.
  2. I have been digging at this all day with no success. It must be something I am doing wrong at my end. I just built the same site on my older win7 machine using an older version of Uniform Server. I get exactly the same failures. Is it my router or something?
  3. Recently I downloaded and installed my first Uniform Server session...ZeroXIII v 13_3_2, as per the Uniform Server Quick Start Guide version 1.1.11. The install went perfect. Next I created a DB and a user using the Uniform Server Console MySQL options and gave the user all privileges. DB Name = unif_testdb DB User = testdb_user Next step was to install my new Joomla site to the www folder using the standard Joomla install technique. That ran perfectly and accepted the DB entries. Once installed I proceeded to install a Purity III template and the T3 Framework, required to use that template, using the standard Joomla Extension>Manage> Install option. I next tried to install a purity 3 package component called JA Extension Manager. That failed with this error: WarningAccess denied for user 'testdb_user'@'' to database 'unif_testdb'× ErrorError installing component Next I tried to install the latest Akeeba core and received this error: WarningAccess denied for user 'testdb_user'@'' to database 'unif_testdb'Package Install: There was an error installing an extension: com_akeeba-core.zip× ErrorError installing package In all cases the Joomla package is downloaded to my PC and properly extracted (if required). Now I seem to be unable to install anything. I tried several othe pakcages like a newsletter and a file storage application. As a result I disabled and uninstalled both the Purity 3 template and the T3 framework it required. Still all install attempts fail with the same DB message. Finally I checked the Uniform Server Console>MySQL>MySQL error log. It shows no errors at anytime??? I replicated all this on my live host on a test domain. Everything installs an runs as expected. Any direction would be appreciated. Doug
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