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  1. Platform: Windows, UniserverZ 11, ActivePerl. I use several directories for cgi. In each of them there is a .htaccess file with two lines: Options +ExecCGI and AddHandler cgi-script .pl .cgi .exe. The Perl programs start with #!perl. Starting the server with UniController.exe, Perl programs run properly. Starting the server as a service using UniService.exe, I get error 500. For error 500, the Apache log reports /dir1/dir2/.../someprogram.pl was not found. Running as service I can solve the problem using absolute address for perl.exe, for example, #!C:/UniServerZ/core/perl/bin/perl.exe. I'm thinking of the possibilities: [1] This is a bug of the service or [2] That's right, but I have not found documentation about or [3] I'm missing something. Thank you for the answers.
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