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  1. thanks a llllllllllllllllllllott!!! really, i'm very happy for your help. cheers ryo
  2. hi guys, i run uniform server smoothly. everything goes well, i think it's a great release, but i'm having seriuos problems with file upload. i'm running in local with uniform server a small CMS written by me. averything is ok but file uploading: i receive an error message like this: nuploadpic.php is like this: $cfg[pics_path] = "localhost/pics/"; $path_p1 = $cfg[pics_path] . $i_p1_name; $path_p1n = $cfg[pics_path] . $n_p1_name; copy("$n_p1", "$path_p1n") or die(mysql_error() . " - " . $n_p1 . " - " . $path_p1n); where $n_p1 is the variable containing the image in the upload html form. any help? thanks in advance ryo
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