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  1. First of all I am a tad confused, I have to Apache logs which are www.my-domain.com-access.log and access.log. The access log for my domain has the odd bot connecting to it but access.log has loads of IP's mainly from Russia & China and a few form the USA with things like... I guess they are looking for particular versions of phpMyAdmin so they can exploit a security hole. Also how come both access are being used and is there an htaccess code I can add to block entire IP ranges? It would be good to have a custom redirect too.
  2. I am using some software which at current only supports PHP 5.3 and wondered how I downgrade from the version in Coral 8.5.0?
  3. just done a fresh install of the latest us version and getting issues with connecting to my live site and localhost. i.e is saying "Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage" I have commented out the allow/deny lines in .htaccess
  4. Been trying to install AjaXplorer but get two errors on running the test. One being: I checked their FAQ but it wasn't much help. If I try and run it anyway I get the following: Not sure if it would be because of the errors I was given in the test
  5. Ok guys I've done everything in this thread but no luck at all! I'm going to try an old Windows XP Pro install and see if that works.
  6. When I ping my domain it gives me my wan ip and browsing locally on localhost or land ip works fine and connects to my /mydomain folder I also have the no ip client installed
  7. Ok thanks. I have made changes as suggested and put some test files in my mydomain folder but the domain and WAN IP still do not resolve. The online status is still saying its offline. I have the W7 firewall off and I have XAMPP installed on my XP laptop and that seems to work fine when its on.
  8. I just installed US on Windows 7 and set up vhosts the following way: In httpd.conf In .htaccess Also when I ping my domain it comes back as when it should be my IP address. My DNS is hosted with No-IP Plus.
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