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  1. this is weird, when I change line 431-436 <Directory "D:/UniServer/home/us_splash/"> Options Indexes Includes AllowOverride All Require all granted </Directory> to <Directory "D:/UniServer/home/us_splash/"> Options Indexes Includes AllowOverride All Order allow,deny Allow from all </Directory> it's run properly. but you only can't access http://localhost/us_splash/index.php
  2. I have updated to coral 8.3.1 but it seems localhost not run properly
  3. my etc/hosts is exist. but the coral 8.2.0 still not run properly.
  4. this is my ScreenShot. but in coral 8.1.2 it run well. I don't know what's wrong in my coral 8.2.0.
  5. I have downloaded the new version of coral 8.2.0. When the browser opened, localhost cannot be accessed. when I check task manager httpd is actually running. what's the problem ?? I am using win7 x64. sorry for my poor english.
  6. I have 2 question 1. I want to change my root folder "www" to another directory. How to configure it ?? 2. I want to change path off exporting database to another directory not in "..\UniServer\etc\phpmyadmin/". how to configure it ??? thank's for the answers sorry my poor english.
  7. how to check that pdo_mysql is activated ?? and how to test that my PHP is connected to pdo mysql ?
  8. yes with new release uniserver 7.0.9 the problem is resolved. thx for developer. now I can start writing my PHP-MySQL without any problem.
  9. I still have problem with this situation. but when uniserver run under xp it's run smoothly. when it's run under win 7 the problem occur. and I have ping to localhost and the result is what you have talked about. any suggestion how to resolve this problem ??
  10. hey, I have some problem with you. when accessing localhost on url, the 403 eror appear. but when I type it's running as well. but I am want it's running on localhost also. any idea to resolve it ?? I am running on windows 7.
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