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  1. Yea previous post was written at a late hour... but truely if anyone can say... what is it that I am overlooking to make this work normally? (assuming this is not a bug, but a pure end user error...)
  2. Well no responses so far it seems... but played around with it: Can install apache & php as normal distributions, can use snmp just fine. Could use xampp package (beta version) with same php version, np. Backtracked down to which Uniform server version I was last using and could get php_snmp.dll to work with. (outta the box and normal extension adding + enable php_snmp.dll extenion in php ini files): 6.1.1 ok (had to manually get php_snmp.dll from the php package) 6.1.2 crash (had to manually get php_snmp.dll from the php package) 6.1.3 crash (had to manually get php_snmp.dll from the php package) 6.1.4 crash (had to manually get php_snmp.dll from the php package) 6.1.5 crash (had to manually get php_snmp.dll from the php package) 7.0.0 crash (php_snmp.dll file now included in UniformServer package) 7.0.1 crash (php_snmp.dll file now included in UniformServer package) major change I noticed moving from 6.1.1 to 6.1.2 was etc OpenSSL so started out with just plainly & fairly brutally deleting the : libeay32.dll in the php folder, and now able to run php.exe with snmp. (with a 'few' errors for curl & openssl extension in the window of course) Uncommented thoose 2 extensions, and now working fine without errors. (except mibs not found warnings.) Yes I know uniform menu wont work now.. but it goes to show that the out of box installation can run php & snmp. Should be pretty easy to test and confirm, if anyone would be that kind. 1) install clean uniform server 2) enable php_snmp.dll in php ini files (if you are on a version they are included for you etc v7.0.0 / v7.0.1, or you have to get the dll file yourself) 3.A) Launch uniform server menu, and start apache + mysql. by my experience so far this will only end up crashing apache. (with the php_snmp.dll enabled) 3. Run php.exe from php folder. (the extenion line added to php-cli.ini required btw "extension=php_snmp.dll"). So for now, staying on Carbo 6.1.1 on my dev setup. Unless I find a way to downgrade the openssl version. Bug?
  3. Hello, I seem to encounter some issues with the php_snmp extension: 1) Clean installed 7.0.0 2) Able to start and launch Uniform Server and use phpmyadmin and so on. 3) Uncommented the extension=php_snmp.dll in php.ini 4) Stopped apache / mysql 5) Started Apache / Mysql, about 10 seconds later it crashes with "There is no disk in the drive. Please insert a disk into drive \Device\Harddisk3\DR3". 6) Commented the extension=php_snmp.dll out again, able to launch apache / mysql as normal. I could understand there should be some "issues" with the extentions if I were to go fetch them myself, but these are the ones that are in the package with Uniform server. Or is it me who is forgetting / doing something wrong ? Done the same with php-cli.ini, just added the php_snmp.dll. and if I run php.exe from a cmd it crashes with the same error. The previous was just to cut it up into pieces. So what exactly am I overlooking ?
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