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  1. It would be nice if we could have a plugin to show live online visitors to the server
  2. Ok fixed the fist bit 1 hour serching posts http://forum.uniformserver.com/index.php?s...85&hl=vhost still need help with second bit Error in hosts file: localhost:80 does not existwww.*******.etowns.net
  3. a funny thing is happing to me If I use http://www.***.***com it goes to the site i want (using vhost to create it) ie c:***/www/1/ but if I use http://***.***.com it goes to my root /www/ i have my dtdns set to Enable Wildcard any help how to get the none www. one working also I get this error Error in hosts file: localhost:80 does not existwww.*******.etowns.net how to fix this also would be a help thank you
  4. ok got it working a config file did not update for some reason
  5. Ok 1. yes "mysql" is on 2. "phpMyAdmin" works 3. I have changed the password the thing is none of my scrips can establish a connection to the database i've tried localhost and root and none work any one out ther that can help
  6. thank you, got it working. lets hope it keeps that way
  7. I have other programs that I run and can be seen from the internet (using port 8888) I just cant get this server to be seen. and yes I did try 8888 with this server.
  8. For the DHCP I have this remote management is set to port 8000 internal cant be changed my site is www.midlands.etowns.net
  9. I am behind a router I have my ports opened to 8080, I also have an DtDNS account. the thing is when I try to load my site it gives me my router config page not my (WWW) server page. the DtDNS will not let me add :8080 to my ip address what can I do I am now getting
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